Cicabio Arnica+ Cream 40ml


Product Highlights

  • Relieves discomfort due to dryness.
  • Reduces the urge to scratch.
  • Protects damaged skin by locking in moisture.
  • The action of zinc prevents bacterial proliferation in damaged skin.
  • Good tolerance makes it suitable for sensitive skin too.



  • Combination of hyaluronic acid and moisturizing active ingredients forms a breathable film for excellent skin protection and optimal comfort.
  • Formulated with antalgicine ™ technology to help prevent sensations of discomfort as well as scratching that damages the skin’s natural repair process.
  • Dermatologically Advanced Formulation (DAF) patent of bioderma increases the skin’s tolerance threshold regardless of the skin type to strengthen skins tolerance.
  • Antibacterial agents helps purify the epidermis , soothes and calms itchy skin.
  • Biodermacicabio crème repairs wounded skin and accelerates the process of healing.
  • Soothing renewing care for dry skin irritations on body, face,lips and external intimate areas.

Key ingredients:

Analgesine ™ technology –  regulates skin’s reactivity

DAF patent – patented complex that strengthens skin’s resistance.

Hyaluronic acid – deep moisturization.

Zinc – prevents bacterial proliferation


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