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 By Dr. Megha Nagpal

permanent makeup clinic in delhi and its services

What permanent makeup Treatments are available in delhi with bthe est quality results?

Permanent Makeup Clinic In Delhi : No matter what your style of makeup can be described as Maisel or minimalist, many people are letting go of makeup that is a chore to apply every day. You can check out the hashtags #melocare and #permanentmakeupstudio #permanentmakeup on Instagram and you’ll find an impressive 15 million or more results.

Permanent makeup is basically an image that mimics the appearance of Sephora products such as brow pencils and liners. Similar to an old-fashioned tattoo shop technicians apply the pigment by using a hollow needle. Based on the method the tattoo may be applied using a manual blade or an electronic tattoo machine.

Microblading — also known as permanent makeup for brows is the cause of the majority of those gorgeously arched eyebrows that you are seeing on Insta However, it’s only one kind of permanent makeup.

Micropigmentation is also known as micropigmentation. permanent makeup is basically the process of tattooing cosmetically which results in brows with a fuller look sharp eyeliner, as well as lipsticks that are tinted and last for a long time.


Melocare Wellness The Best Permanent Makeup Studio In Delhi ?

In today’s run-of-the-mill life, no person has time to do make-up, all women like to do makeup, but due to lack of time, they cannot spend hours in front of the mirror. Get the Permanent solution to this problem and Visit the Melocare Wellness Best Permanent Makeup Studio In Delhi.

Melocare Wellness is one of the best Skin clinics in Delhi. Permanent makeup is a unique cosmetic treatment that helps improve your appearance without giving an artificial or made-up look.This procedure helps in delivering skin-friendly colors into the epidermis layer your skin.  Dr. Megha Nagpal is the Best dermatologist in Melocare Wellness she Provides The best Treatment for all tipe Patients.

Permanent Eyebrows: Well-shaped eyebrows frame and define the facial features and add character to it. With permanent makeup, you can repair eyebrows that have been cut or tint them darker and create large and sharp, round, or arched however you would like your eyebrows to be. The makeup lasts for a long time without any maintenance needed

Permanent Lip Liner Find the perfect pout using perfectly-shaped lips. Permanent lip liner can help improve and correct the appearance that your lips. A fine line is carefully drawn and you’re good to go.

Permanent Eyeliner: Say goodbye to the everyday hassle of applying eyeliner, and opt for a permanent option instead. The liner is tattooed thinly on the lash line, whether lower or upper, or both. It provides instant and visible definition to your eyes, giving eyes a more beautiful, natural appearance.

Leucoderma Patches: Leucoderma (also known as white spots) are not physically harmful, but can cause a lot of damage to the confidence of a person and cause the most severe mental discomfort. The patches can be fixed by applying permanent makeup that colors them as naturally as possible. First, a test patch is applied and if the skin is able to accept and maintains the color for a period of 2 3 months, then the entire area is treated.

best permanent makeup studio in delhi

What is Eyebrow Micro Bladding And from Where To Get These Services In Delhi?

Microblading is a permanent tattooing technique that is used to enhance the eyebrows. Microblading is a technique that can be applied to those with a lack of eyebrows, creating the illusion of an enlarged and more defined eyebrow.

A lot of us devote lots of time and money waxing, plucking threading, and adding eyebrows. This is the reason why many people consider an option that is more permanent, such as microblading. Eyebrow styles change over time, and that’s why I like the semi-permanent beauty of microblading.

What can you expect during The Treatment?

The process can take as long as 2 hours. The eyebrow mapping process begins prior to the procedure, where the artist measures and sketches lines of the desired shape of the eyebrow. Then numbing cream is sprayed on the area. The artist then begins drawing tiny hair-like strokes in order to end up with a natural-looking eyebrow.

Even though numbing creams are employed for numbing, it is somewhat uncomfortable but bearable. Once microblading has been completed, the eyebrows you have created won’t remain wet for a period of 10 days. This means the process of showering, washing your hair, and working out is difficult. I advise patients to buy microblading facial shields to make use of during showers. They are great for people who regularly wash their hair.

It is possible that for the first few days to see the color of your new brows to be stronger and darker. Scabbing and flaking can begin after about 4-5 days. It is important not to pick at the scabs or flakes. Picking at them can strip away the pigment and cause disappearing color in those areas.

The process of healing can last for up to a month, as it takes about 30 days to rejuvenate. So, the 30 day mark is the time when the real shade will begin to show. It is recommended to make a touch-up appointment six weeks following an initial visit to adjust any changes.

If you’d like to find more details and the best treatment, please visit Melocare Wellness Best Permanent Makeup Clinic In Delhi.

permanent makeup studio in delhi

Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment Now In Delhi?

You’ve probably been told about microblading to create fuller eyebrows. Did you know that there’s an identical procedure to your head?

This process is referred to in the field of scalp micropigmentation (SMP) that creates the illusion of having hair that is fuller. Scalp micropigmentation can be a cosmetic treatment for hair loss or hair loss. Sometimes, it’s also referred to as a hair tattoo. Now This Treatment is available in Melocare Wellness Skin Care Clinic New Delhi By Dr. Megha Nagpal.

What is the process?

SMP is a relatively painless yet permanent solution that mimics a naturally shaved head by adding pigmentation to the scalp. The process itself requires a highly skilled technician and cannot be performed by tattooists or specialists in cosmetic pigmentation, as the equipment and techniques used differ from those used in cosmetic tattooing. The technician must replicate thousands of hair follicles as if they were freshly shaved on the head using SMP. SMP looks extremely natural and realistic when done correctly only at permanent makeup clinic in delhi

Eyebrow Micro Pigmentation Treatment Done At Melocare Wellness In New Delhi

The micropigmentation of eyebrows

In micro pigmentation, also called semi-permanent makeup or eyebrow tattooing or dermal pigmentation, micro needles are used with a rotary pen attached to a machine. The colors used are natural inorganic pigments implanted into the skin’s superficial layers, giving you a semi-permanent and long-lasting effect.

All types of skin can benefit from this treatment since the new pigment or color is deposited into the dermal layer of the skin. It does not require much recovery time, so a person can immediately go back to work or other normal activities after the procedure is completed. Based on one’s skin type, the results last for almost two to four years, but if you have much oily skin, you might need a touch-up session in a couple of weeks also if the colors have faded or you want a more vibrant appearance.

Melocare Clinic Delhi provides all these treatments under the supervision of Dr. Megha Nagpal, who is a well-known dermatologist in the country. Patients are completely satisfied with the treatment provided by Dr. Megha Nagpal.

permanent makeup by dr. megha nagpal

Eye Lash Lift For Perfect Eyebrows Now At Melocare Wellness

Lashed lifts can be compared to perms for your eyelashes. As opposed to lash extensions, a lash lift alters the shape and color of your natural lashes. “Most people’s lashes grow out rather than up. According to board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Megha Nagpal, upward-growing lashes are more cosmetically pleasing. Eyelash Lift For Perfect Eyebrows Now At Melocare Wellness treatment provided by Dr. Megha Nagpal.

Permanent Makeup Studio Provides Lip Tint For Perfect Lips Get Them Done from Dr. Megha Nagpal  In Delhi

Lip blushing is a semi-permanent makeup technique. In essence, it is a cosmetic tattoo that enhances the beauty of the natural lip color and improves the lip shape.

“Defining and giving the illusion of fullness,” 

Once healed, this treatment produces very natural results. In the case of lip fillers, they work well to make the lips appear fuller. Lip blush works to give the lips a more natural appearance and gives the illusion that they are fuller.” at a permanent makeup clinic in delhi

It is now possible to get the natural colour of your lips at Delhi MeloCare Wellness Clinic by Dr. Megha Nagpal.



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