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 By Dr. Megha Nagpal

co2 laser skin treatment in delhi
Laser Skin Treatment Clinic in Delhi

Laser Skin Clinic Treatments Are Available In Delhi Of Best Quality And With 100% Satisfaction?

Laser Skin Clinic In Delhi Are In Every Corner But Treatment for the skin with lasers, often referred to by the name laser skin resurfacing is a process that uses lasers to treat skin irregularities or eliminate skin imperfections. This is an excellent alternative for those looking to have smoother, more youthful-looking skin. Laser treatments for skin are often referred to as laser peel or vaporization.. Laser skin treatments are when the epidermis, also known as the skin’s outer layer, is removed. Then the dermis layer which comprises the skin’s layer of skin that lies beneath the surface is heated, stimulating cells of the skin to make collagen and elastin. Lasers used for treatments on the skin cause controlled damage to damaged skin, as well as improve healing and remodeling. The process of healing creates new skin cells, which results in a tighter and smoother skin surface.

Laser skin treatment is being employed to treat various skin issues. Crow’s feet, wrinkles, and other wrinkles in the facial area respond nicely to treatment with lasers. There are other reasons to consider laser treatments for your skin if you have sun-damaged skin, small or minor acne spots, scars, or lesions that are composed of tiny blood vessels, also known as Telangiectasia. Stretch marks can be reduced however they are not completely gone. Resurfacing the skin with lasers is typically not advised for those with dark skin or active acne issues.

What Type Of Skin Laser Treatments Available In Delhi

What are Different Types Of  Skin Laser Treatments Available In Delhi At Melocare Wellness


There are two types of lasers utilized for laser treatments on the skin. The CO2 or carbon dioxide laser In Delhi eliminates skin in very thin layers with little harm to surrounding tissues because of the temperatures. The recovery time is typically around two weeks. However, the Erbium laser causes lesser damage to surrounding tissues, which results in fewer complications, such as swelling and redness. It is more efficient in eliminating scars and it is also much more efficient in recovering. The CO2 laser has a higher risk of likely creating hypopigmented and scarred regions.

Fractional laser Photothermolysis can be described as a more recent method of laser skin refractive. In this method, the fractional laser is employed to deliver small pulses of light onto the skin. This provides greater accuracy and reduces risk while preserving patches of normal, healthy skin that are in between treated areas.

Laser skin treatments can be used on their own to lessen wrinkles on the skin or alongside other surgical procedures for plastic surgery like liposuction or facelift to smooth and tighten the skin’s surface.


CO2 Lasers Treatment In Melocare Wellness Delhi is typically utilized to treat warts, scars, wrinkles, warts, and more serious skin imperfections. The most popular CO2 laser brands are AcuPulse from Lumenis, MiXto Pro laser by Lasering USA, and CO2RE by Candela.

Erbium (Er: YAG) Lasers are non-ablative or ablative Center In Delhi | Melocare Wellness. They encourage collagen growth and are therefore a popular choice to treat wrinkles, fine lines, skin laxity, and age spots.

Pulsed-Dye Lasers Available At Melocare Wellness New Delhi is usually non-ablative lasers that warm the skin and absorb pigments to lessen hyperpigmentation, redness, broken capillaries, and the appearance of rosacea. A few of the loved lasers that pulse dye are the Vbeam Perfecta by Candela.

Fractional Lasers Treatment In Delhi’s Best Awarded Skin Clinic split the laser’s energy into thousands of small beams that treat just a small portion of the skin region, which decreases the time spent. Fractional lasers may be non-ablative or ablative and can be used to treat various age-related skin imperfections. Some of the most well-known fractional lasers are Fractora from inside as well as Fraxel from Solta Medical,

IPL (intense pulsed light) treatments In Delhi are technically not lasers, but they are frequently employed to treat the same issues similar to lasers, like skin damage from the sun, lesions of Rosacea, acne, and hyperpigmentation. Some of the most well-known IPL skin resurfacing products are Vasculaze by inode as well as Lumecca from the inside. Find out the details about IPL treatments.

If you are considering a laser skin Resurfacing treatment, you should focus on your own goals and objectives: what issues with your skin are you looking to tackle and what kind of results are you expecting? The good news is that you do not have to decide this by yourself: a board-certified cosmetic surgeon or a qualified skincare specialist who is trained in laser resurfacing is able to recommend the right treatment for you based on the type of skin you have.

For What Problems We Should Get Our Skin Laser Treatment Done?

laser skin clinic
Awarded Skin Clinic In Delhi

Laser skin Resurfacing In Delhi is a type that uses lasers as a relatively invasive technique for eliminating those superficial layers that are wrinkled or damaged skin. The procedure referred to as ablative fractional laser resurfacing blends the benefits of the older laser resurfacing techniques with additional benefits of faster recovery time and more predictable results.

laser skin resurfacing is a known method for reducing wrinkles and age spots acne scars and other imperfections and tightening the skin and even tone. Because lasers can be so versatile and are a variety of ways they affect your skin, it can be difficult to decide which to look for when looking for treatment options. Even a simple search will yield a variety of alternative devices and techniques.

Furthermore, the most advanced lasers along with intense pulsed laser (IPL) devices can also be utilized to effectively eliminate unwanted body and facial hair.

Cosmetic laser treatments Only Available In Delhi At Melocare Wellness have numerous benefits, including:

  • Reducing or eliminating brown spots and other discolorations
  • Improved the skin tone
  • Enhancing or reducing wrinkles
  • Reducing acne and surgical scars
  • Eliminating sun-damaged and aging skin
  • Regenerating skin collagen
  • Removal of tattoos
  • Removal of unwanted body or facial hair
  • Treatment of the rosacea


For Laser Skin Treatment Which Is The Best Skin Clinic In Delhi?

the best laser skin clinic in delhi
Melocare Wellness Green Park

Melocare Wellness celebrity aesthetic clinic is the best skin care clinic in Delhi. Melocare offers Laser Treatment services for the whole body.

The staff at our clinic is professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. They use advanced equipment to perform different procedures. Because we provide outstanding services, over 85% of our patient’s book again and 90% recommend our clinic to other people.

Melocare Wellness is India’s top skin, hair, antiaging, laser, and body treatment healthcare provider.

To set the standard in the aesthetics industry and to follow the highest ethical standards. Melocare Wellness also places the client’s interests at the forefront.

Top Recommended Doctor In Delhi For Laser Skin Treatment

Doctor for laser skin treatment
Dr. Megha Nagpal

Dr. Megha Nagpal’s Melocare Wellness Skin Care Clinic is an internationally recognized Dermatology Clinic located in Delhi (India) that offers laser as well as aesthetic treatments for skin. Dr. Megha Nagpal is one of the most highly regarded Dermatologists in India and the most frequently visited dermatologist in Delhi (GREEN PARK EXTENSION, GREEN PARK, NEW DELHI) and is an expert in both cosmetic and clinical dermatology. He employs dermatology treatments that utilize the “Gold Standard” technique for all procedures and for all types of skin.

Top Co2 Fractional Laser Center In Delhi


The world has seen incredible advancements in the field of medical applications for the laser in the last several decades. Many dermatological conditions field have now been identified as reasons for treatment with lasers that are eligible for reimbursement by a variety of national health insurance programs. In the world of lasers that are available, CO2 lasers are the most popular. (CO2) laser is an important tool for dermatologists.

The lasers utilized in photo surgery have different wavelengths in accordance with their intended usage and come in a variety of kinds, but CO2 lasers are an example of one of the commonly utilized lasers within the dermatology field. Its wavelength is in the mid-infrared, at 10,600 nm, and the CO2 laser’s energy is well absorbed into the water. Because skin has a high percentage of water which makes CO2 lasers ideal for safe, precise ablation that has adequate hemostasis. Alongside its effectiveness, in the treatment of benign, raised lesions The CO2 laser has been found to be efficient for dermatology esthetic for the treatment of acne scars and for photorejuvenation. Through the use of fragmentation of the energy beam into a variety of microbeams, the fractional CO2 laser has provided an opportunity to bridge the gap between complete ablative indications as well as the nonablative systems for skin rejuvenation in the 2000s for the renewal of skin that has been damaged by photoaging both on and off the face.

The CO2 laser is an effective, precise, and secure system for dermatologists. The technological advancements in CO2 laser design have resulted in smaller spots, higher precision in laser surgery, and greater flexibility in the tip size and procedures that allow fractional CO2 treatments. The number of dermatological uses using CO2 lasers is anticipated to grow in the near future Best Laser Skin Clinic In Delhi


Best  IPL Laser Hair Removal Center  In Delhi

It is among the most requested methods to restore the facial appearance that is aging due to exposure to sun or environmental influences, or smoking cigarettes and resulting in diminished luminosity. It can lead to improvement in facial tone and lightness and the removal of wrinkles.

The signs of aging on the face are a decrease in collagen fibers and elastin. The heat produced through IPL increases the creation of collagen as well as elastin, resulting in a noticeable improvement in facial appearance.

IPL facial photorejuvenation can be done on the neckline, face, or hands. It has an approximate time of about 40 minutes. It’s generally performed every two weeks. It usually requires about 4-6 sessions to achieve the best results. It is usually combined together with Radiofrequency as well as Virtual Mesotherapy techniques, Hyaluronic Acid, and Rosehip cream, which has incredible results.

The procedure is a painless and non-invasive treatment. It is only advised if there is intense and prolonged face exposure for a month prior to the procedure. It is recommended to stop applying sunblock.

Carbon Laser Peel Treatment  In Delhi

Fractional laser photothermolysis can be described as a more recent method of laser skin refractive. In this method, the fractional laser is employed to deliver small pulses of light onto the skin. This provides greater accuracy and reduces risk while preserving patches of normal, healthy skin that are in between treated areas.

Laser skin treatments can be used on their own to lessen wrinkles on the skin or alongside other surgical procedures for plastic surgery like liposuction or facelift to smooth and tighten the skin’s surface.

You can achieve a uniform skin glow through Carbon Peeling

through Dr. Megha Nagpal in Melocare Wellness Delhi. Benefits of this treatment using a carbon-based laser such as reduction of age spots, tightening the skin and rejuvenation of the skin, removal of oily skin, and many more. Contact us today for more details.

Affordable Tatoo Laser Removal In Delhi

The best option is to choose a Melocare Wellness Clinic for tattoo removal. This clinic is one of the well-known clinics in the country and provides the best treatment. If you are choosing the best tattoo removal clinic in Delhi then you need not worry.  Because Melocare Wellness Clinic is available in Delhi. Since the first tattoos were made various tools have been employed to get rid of tattoos. Although tattoos are generally believed as being permanent, methods are now in place to completely or partially eliminate the tattoo completely or in part.                                 

Removal of pigment in Tattoos Removal Treatment that is non-invasive using lasers has been described as the “standard procedure for removal of tattoos.” Based on the exact absorption spectra of light for the pigments in the tattoo, different kinds of lasers are used to target various shades of ink used for tattoos. Most of the time Q-switched lasers are able to completely remove black and other darker-colored inks. However, lighter shades like greens and yellows aren’t as easy to erase. Skin tone, ink color, and the thickness at the point where the ink was positioned are all factors that could impact the outcome.     


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