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Celebrity Luxury Aesthetic Clinic In Delhi

 By Dr. Megha Nagpal

Celebrity Aesthetic Clinic Director Says “Creating a beautiful face, Lips, Chin, Cheek, is like painting your masterpiece where even a little imperfection spoils the balance and harmony,” Dr. Megha Nagpal, who enjoys painting just as he is awed by creating a masterpiece for his face after gaining experience from her medical practice then with her team she started the Finest Luxury Celebrity Aesthetic Clinic In Delhi

Aesthetics is the philosophical branch that is concerned with issues of beauty and aesthetic taste.

Story Of Melocare Wellness Delhi’s Finest Luxury Celebrity Aesthetic Clinic’s

Melocare Wellness Aesthetic clinic is a medical boutique that has been created with an amalgamation of most modern technology. We specialize in offering the most luxurious and modern treatments in a tranquil atmosphere and are proud of offering the most luxurious treatments with personalization designed for the patient by our expert doctors. Our team of assistants is filled with professional dermatologists and laser specialists. We offer a wide range of hair, health skincare, and non-invasive cosmetic and cosmetic treatments that are all done in accordance with the highest medical standards. We have an entirely sterilized and clean workstation space.

We at Melocare Skin Clinic, don’t advise anyone to undergo any procedure without first looking at their skin, as we believe in result-oriented therapies. Certain treatments are not suitable for all people due to their various skin types and skin issues; as well as, it allows us to reduce any negative side consequences or loopholes.

Why Celebrities Regularly Visit Melocare Wellness In Delhi

Cosmetic procedures and facials are done commonly by celebrities who are in the limelight in Bollywood movies, reality shows, and other entertainment platforms This is why it’s important to consider the following: Considering how popular these celebrities are – and how influential they are – it’s fair to say that they have an influence on those who use them.

On Instagram, every celebrity has to look flawless with smooth skin and perfect face curves and angles with other anti-aging looks. Celebrity Aesthetic Clinics are the second home for celebrities and models to compete in the glamorous world

What Are The Treatments That Are Taken By Celebrities At Melocare Wellness Aesthetic Clinic?

Filler At A Luxury Aesthetic Clinic In Delhi

lip filler at luxury aesthetic clinic
Lip Fillers By Melocare Wellness

A filler treatment is a dermatological procedure used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the face to revive a youthful appearance. It’s an excellent option for those who wish to reduce those signs of aging but do not want to undergo procedures that are invasive like a facelift. It is a way of filling in parts of the face susceptible to sagging, bringing back its natural fullness and volume. Although it isn’t able to provide permanent results, it provides the most simple, safe, and less expensive option to appear younger.

Lip Fillers For Celebrities And Models

Dermal filler treatment is beneficial for celebrities with the following indications of aging of the skin :

  • Wrinkles
  • Fine lines
  • Scars from pitted areas
  • Furrowed skin

The fillers are designed to temporarily smooth imperfections on the skin’s surface. The time frame for which the result is expected to be lasting can vary based on the particular product being used.

As the fillers are placed into the skin the procedure does not need a lengthy recovery time or time off. Patients are able to return to normal activities following the procedure as long as they do not engage in extreme sun exposure. The normal post-procedure aches will likely disappear within a few days.

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De-Fat Injectable For Celebs 

chin fillers
chin fillers for celebrities and models

 The Fat-Dissolving Injections are amazing chemicals that remove the fat cell membranes under the skin, which tend to be insensitive to exercise. It is commonly employed to address submental fat (double chin) as well as pockets of fat around the stomach area and abdomen,   with regular treatments, fat-dissolving injections will provide lasting outcomes.

For those stubborn areas of fat that won’t let go the fat dissolving injections provide long-term solutions in those areas that are the most bothersome for you. This is a great non-surgical option for people who adhere to a healthy diet and routine of exercise but are still trying to tone certain areas of the body such as the stomach and double chin area.

The Fat Dissolving Injections are specifically designed to aid in the body’s contouring, not weight loss.

The product that dissolves fat works to dissolve the membranes of the fat cells under the skin, which causes the cells to degrade and then be flushed out through the lymphatic system. The process of flushing can be between 6 and 8 weeks, after which you’ll have the opportunity to revel in the outcomes.

Microneedling At Luxury Celebrity Aesthetic Clinic

under eye fillers in delhi
under eye fillers in delhi

Microneedling is a non-invasive cosmetic procedure that is utilized to treat skin problems by stimulating the production of collagen. Also called the collagen-induction treatment, this method produces micro-punctures on the skin by using tiny sterilized needles.

The skin’s healing process following micro-needling may help to reduce the appearance of dark spots and enhance the skin’s elasticity.

You might be a great person for this treatment if you’re in good health and have skin problems that haven’t been responding to home remedies or other dermatological procedures, like chemical peels.

The benefits of micro-needling

  • lessening the appearance of marks and acne scars
  • lessening the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Reducing the size of pores
  • lessening the appearance of hyperpigmentation dark spots
  • Smoothing out uneven skin tone
  • improving skin elasticity
  • lessening the effect of stretch marks
  • Reduce the appearance of the appearance of
  • Promoting hair growth among people with Alopecia

Microneedling is a lot less expensive than laser therapy and can be more effective for certain people. Laser treatments require the application of heat which may alter the pigmentation of your skin.

POD Threads By Celebrity Aesthetician Dr. Megha Nagpal

Thread lifts are a procedure in which temporary sutures are utilized to create a subtle, but noticeable “lift” in the skin. Instead of removing loose skin surgically the cosmetic surgeon suspends it by sewing parts of it. This results in pushing the skin back which in turn lifts and tightens the facial skin. Apart from being great in lifting the skin and reducing wrinkles, threads also combat aging in a different manner by stimulating our system’s “healing response” and causing the body to channel massive surges of collagen towards targeted areas. This is crucial due to the critical role of collagen in the aging process.

Collagen assists in supporting “growth factors” that greatly affect the health of our face. Apart from being utilized to heal wounds, collagen aids in keeping our skin supple, strong, and soft. As we age our bodies begin to produce less and less collagen resulting in an 80percent decrease in the thickness of skin around 70 years of age. This decrease in strength and volume is a major cause of wrinkles and excess skin. As the skin gets weaker, it’s not in a position to support the tissues underneath it properly and gravity pulls it down and makes it stretch. The process of infusing the skin of the face with new collagen while the signs of laxity aren’t too severe can aid in reducing looseness (by expanding and hydrating your skin) and stop it from getting any worse (by strengthening your skin).

This procedure provides continuous and gradual renewal of the facial tissues. Patients who are treated with thread lifts with the intention to stimulate collagen experience an improvement gradually in their skin tone as well as firmness. As long as their threads remain in place, the body’s response will constantly be activated as the body seeks to “heal” the sutured areas and then expel the sutures. The body’s biological programming is to respond this way whenever it senses any foreign substance that is present in the dermis. Fortunately, since the threads that are placed under the skin during the procedure are small, patients won’t feel any or any. The majority of patients do not feel the sutures when the skin is been healed around them.


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Celebrities At Melocare Wellness

Celebes At Melocare Wellness
Celebes At Melocare Wellness
Celebes At Melocare Wellness
Celebes At Melocare Wellness

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