What is acne and Its Treatments?

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What is acne and Its Treatments?

What is acne and Its Treatments?

Acne vulgaris (commonly known as Pimples or zits) is one of the commonest skin disorders in humans, especially affecting the younger age group. Severe and later stages of acne can lead to disastrous scarring causing severe emotional distress and reduced self-esteem. Similarly, a close relative of acne, which is called Rosacea, can also lead to scarring or swelling and thickening of different regions of the face, more importantly, the nose, leading to what is called a ‘Potato nose/Rhinophyma, and deform the face. However, modern laser science has now made it possible to reverse the damage to a significant extent, and give back life to the skin and confidence to the patient.

What Causes Acne Scar Formation?

Acne Scars occur as a result of fibrosis of the skin tissue as it heals after pimples subside . At first, the skin that is produced by the body at the site of the damaged area looks and functions differently from the rest of the body’s skin. However, with time, the body tends to replace it with skin that more closely matches the rest of the skin of the body. Fading of scars depends on certain factors that include size, type of scar, depth of the scar and other personal factors as age and genetics, etc.-

What Are The Types Of Acne Scar ?

Types of scar include Hypertrophic scar, Atrophic scar, Rolling scar, Box scarce, pick scars, Keloidal scars. Scars, in addition, may or may not be hyper or hypopigmented . They may have associated broken capillaries in them, and may or may not be associated with deformity or disfigurement of the surrounding tissue, etc.-

What Are Acne Treatment Options Available At MELOCARE’S Clinic ?

Chemical peel



PRP vampire facial

Pore clean


Infusion bar


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