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Thank you Melocare for providing such service that helped me a lot , I really thankful to you

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Celebrity Aesthetic Clinic |Melocare Wellness is acknowledged as a one-of-a-kind Aesthetic Clinic in the country that specializes in facial aesthetics ( Fillers, threads, HIFU, mesotherapy, permanent makeup) along with exclusive laser, face/ body toning, and non-surgical anti-aging therapies.

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Anti Aging

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Permanent Makeup

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Why Celebrities Regularly Visit Melocare Wellness In Delhi

Cosmetic procedures and facials are done commonly by celebrities who are in the limelight in Bollywood movies, reality shows, and other entertainment platforms This is why it’s important to consider the following: Considering how popular these celebrities are – and how influential they are – it’s fair to say that they have an influence on those who use them.

Under Eyes

Refresh Your Look: Brighten Tired Eyes with Our Under Eye Fillers.

Lips Filler

Get the Perfect Pout: Enhance Your Lips with Our Fillers.

Chin Filler

Chisel Your Features: Achieve a Stronger Jawline with Our Chin Fillers.


Say goodbye to an imperfect nose with our expertly crafted fillers

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Finest Celebrity Aesthetic Clinic In Delhi

There at Melocare Wellness, we have a huge base of Celebrities, Influencers & Models and we provide them with extensive facial looks like Face Angles For A Perfect Symmetrical Shape, Lip Fillers For An Awesome Pout, Luxury Facials For Flawless & Smooth Skin In Any Condition, Body Sculpting For A Curious Look. There Are Many Procedures That Is Always Prefered By Celebrities And Models but Nowadays Anyone Can Get Their Dream Face Or  Dream Body Shape.
Dr.Megha Nagpal Who’s the Cheif Aesthethecian Here At Melocare Wellness Has An Extensive Experience In Doing Complex Procedures For Celebrities And Models To Achieve Their Dream Look

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My journey with Dr. Megha Nagpal at Melocare started with a very dull n tired skin quality. Now it’s been almost 5 months here, n honestly I’ve started loving my skin. The treatment n consultation with Dr. Megha are so appropriate n on point, that I can just close my eyes n trust her for my skin. I just swear by the treatments n products she suggest. Thanks a ton that I met them at right point of tym. 😇

Shalini Sharma

Dr Megha amazing you guys, I loved the treatment...She is the best aesthetician and one thing which diffrenciate her is her simplicity and sincerely listening to patients problem, She is like a frnd to her patients and the skincare she suggests is amazing my skin has became radiant and glowing from inside lots of love to her... Will recommend her treatment to everyone...

Poonam Tushabar

Dr Megha is the best doctor hands down…she understands aesthetic like the back of her hand…her work focuses on enhancing the features using minimal work not neglecting the biggest factor ignored by most that of age .She just does not do aesthetics but boosts the self confidence to another level taking care of all the insecurities abt skin whether pigmentation or texture or pores or complexion. I have experienced her magic along with her power of aesthetics first hand and it’s completely transformed my skin .


Tje experience was really good, Dr Megha and her team are really efficient. Dr Megha is really adorable and she takes care of her clients. Overall good experience. Just had 2 sittings with her so will tell more after the final result..

Monica Giree

I have been going to Melocare for couple of months now . I have been getting different treatments and I must say it was a smooth sailing experience. Dr. Megha has a very very smooth hand and is really sweet , amazing and extraordinary doctor. I am extremely satisfied with the services provided. Highly recommend her for all skin issues. Also comparing costs with other friends who had the same laser treatment and face fat reduction treatment done , I feel they are very well priced too. The staff is extremely well trained and the premises are absolutely clean and sanitized. I highly recommend my family and friends to go to Melocare for all skin related issues.

Heena Sahni

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